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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  April 6, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: i'm live in san francisco where we had a couple of surprises in the barry bonds's trial. >> reporter: in san jose this afternoon, why people are bringing their wallets and appetites a huge barbecue and fund-raiser for a huge giants' -- huge giants' fan. good afternoon. we begin with important new
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developments in the barry bonds's perjury trial. the jury has already been dismiss missed for the -- dismissed for the day. tara has mere. >> reporter: the jury has been gone for the day. the defense did not call any witnesses. so bonds did not testify and the defense rested. now, one of the charges against bonds was dropped. the prosecution actually withdrew it. our legal anna sis said he was gonna -- it was -- legal analyst said the would be dropped. but all of the testimony will stay, including that of kimberly bell's testimony who talked about bonds's testicle
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shrinking. this case could hinge on bonds's personal shopper. she cried on the stand because she simply did not want to testify. >> she also has minimal amount of baggage compared to other witnesses. >> reporter: now, all of the lawyers and judges at 3:00 will wrap up a conference about how to read the jury the instructions on closing arguments. this case could go to the jury tomorrow afternoon. back to you. >> thank you, tara. so here are the charges fill facing barry bonds -- the charge dropped involved claims that bonds lied to a federal grand jury about using a specific type of steroid. he still faces three counts of lying to the jury and one count of obstruction of justice.
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you can follow the developing news and the background of the barry bonds's trial at the giants' fan brutally beaten last week after the game remains in a coma. doctors say 40-year-old brian stow of santa cruz may have permanent brain damage. it could affect his speech, memory and personality. he's a paramedic an father of two -- and father of two young children. yesterday, members of his family asked the attackers to turn themselves in. the giants will honor him before pregame ceremonies. under fund-raiser is being put on by his employer for brian stow. kraig debro is there with more. kraig? >> reporter: yeah, tori. friends, coworkers and others who want to help are here at an amr worker and a huge giants' fan. the event is a fund-raiser, the
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it's a barbecue. the star of the show, brian stow. >> brian is a sweetheart. he will avoid conflict like a plague. >> reporter: two unidentified men put stow in the usc medical center following last week's season opener in los angeles. no one who knows stow believes he did anything to prompt or instigate the attack. stow and his colleagues regularly see the kinds of injuries stow himself is facing. that experience has not prepared him to deal with the injury to someone they know and love. >> when it hits home like this, it's very difficult, frustrating and sad. all of us have been trying. we just try to get through. >> reporter: sponsors of this fund-raiser say they are trying to raise as much money as possible with all of the
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proceeds going to help for stow's kids and his medical expenses, all to give the family peace of mind while stow recovers from the violent attack. >> we're doing our best to make sure that he and his family need nothing. and we're doing our best to make sure they are all taken care of. >> reporter: sharks and warriors' jerseys are on sale. and wristbands with stow's paramedic number ra on sale. they are orange and black, the colors of the giants, and they are involved low nateing $10,000 for a communed for stow's med cal -- they are also involved donating $10,000 for a fund for stow's medical bills. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. for more information go to the and there a's details
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on -- there's details on all of these fund-raisers. the man who has confessed to killing oakland journalist, chauncey bailey, returned to the witness stand for the fifth day today. the defense continued its cross- examination of broussard. broussard said its boss at your black muslim bakery ordered him to kill bailey. and. and the jury began deliberating in the sanity trial for alexander youshock. youshock pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and an attack with pipe bombs in august of 2009. last week the jury convicted him of attempted murder. the current trial is to determine if he was sane when he committed the crimes. congress is trying to overcome deep partisan
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divisions as it works to come up -- to come up with a deficit before friday. president obama says he's willing to bring congressional leaders back to the white house today, if it will help reach a compromise. yesterday, the president rejected a republican offer to keep the government operating for another week in return for another $12 billion in spending cuts. there's been a set back for the city of oakland and the
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plan to redice its $46 million budget deficit. last night, the city council did not approve an emergency declaration that would have cleared the way for a special city election. council members who voted against it cite open government rules saying there's not enough public notice. mayor jean quan is asking for a special meeting later this morning -- this week. advocates for state parks in california said they need -- say they need to know which parks are on governor brown's
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hit list. the governor's office has not released the list. but a spokesperson says there are dozens of parks on it. nonprofits say they will be able to raise funds to keep some of the parks open but first they need to know which ones are slated to close -- slated to close. . there's so much smoke in the hallway when i went out finally, the smoke got too thick. firefighters are trying to determine the cause of a fire that left dozens homeless.
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a stalled big rig from sonoma county created quite a traffic jam this morning -- in sonoma county created quite a traffic jam this morning at the infineon raceway. the big rig was blocking one lane of traffic which slowed around the disabled truck. about ten gallons of gas spilled because a problem with the gas table but the spill was confined of one -- gas tank but the spill was contained to one lane. people are homeless after a fire riched through their apartment complex. jade hernandez -- ripped you through their apartment complex -- ripped through their apartment complex plex.
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jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: this video shows flames erupting from the roof which partially collapsed. fire crawled from the bottom to the top of the towers in the tenderloin as firefighters rescued about a dozen -- about a dozen residents. >> i heard a lot of smokes and i looked out my windowle it started at the first floor, from the fire chute all the way to the top. >> once we got up there, there was metal and lath and once we got up there, we were able to do horizontal work and put the fire out. >> there was so much smoke, i ran back in and i tried to get my cats but the smoke was too thick. >> reporter: too thick which the firefighters brought to her -- >> the firefighters didn't find them. they wouldn't find them.
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ed red cross found them -- the red cross found them. >> reporter: inside that fourth floor apartment where the american red cross kept on the spotlight where they searched for the animals. 2 residents suffered from smoke inhalation and went to the hospital. 63 residents are displaced. a few of them boarded a bus bound for nearby hotels. 6 other residents were taken to a hospital to handle their special needs. fire investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. for now, the franciscan towers are yellow tagged. residents are being allowed inside to grab their things but they are not allowed to stay overnight. police in lakewood, colorado are defending their use of pepper spray on an 8- year-old boy. it happened in february at an elementary school in denver. police say they were called after the boy started to throw a violent temper tantrum that
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included spitting at eachers -- at teachers. >> i wanted to make something sharp, like, for if they came out, i was so mad at them. >> a police spokesman said officers had no choice but to pepper spray the child. aden's mom said the police were called to the school three other times and now the boy is seeing a doctor for his anger issues. in japan, workers are turning their attention to another threat after plugging up a leak radioactive water. crews injected a mixture in there that's lowered the amount of radioactive water flowing into the ocean but there could be other leaks. crews are working frantically to prevent a dangerous buildup of hydrogen to prevent another explosion. the white house is confirming today that president obama received a letter from
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libyan leader, moammar gadhafi, asking him to stop what he calls an unjust war. the rambling three-page letter addresses the president as our -- as "our dear son" and implores him to stop the campaign. he also wishes president obama good luck in his reelection. no comment from the president. the rebels are demanding more air strike sport. the san francisco airport is about to put a new domestic terminal into operation. it's the old international terminal which was -- which was closed a few years ago and will reopen as the new domestic terminal with all of the latest technology and passenger amenities. it will be getting a final shakedown before it goes into operation. >> the tsa wants to run an extra stress test on it, almost wants to break the system to see if it's possible to make sure there are no hiccups on opening day. >> the terminal will be held
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near virgin airlines. the ceremony got underway about 11:30 this morning. you you can go to -- you can go to for more information and click on the "now" section. the richmond city council has killed a controversial plan for a waters can front -- waterfront casino. the indian tribe wanted to build a $1.7 billion complex with hotels, restaurant shops but last night council decided there are too many undecided issues. council members say they are following voters who reejected measure u in support of the casino. an alternate plan could be considered for the future. the people who put on the burning ban festival in the northern nevada festival -- burning man festival in the northern never dah desert, they
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will be at market and -- nevada desert, they will be at market if the city passes a payroll exemption for the area. the city of san francisco has been trying to revitalize the central market the and tenderloin districts by offering -- markets and tenderloin districts by offering to locate there. a lot of sunshine but the wind is picking up. it's been a beautiful morning. temperatures have started off in the 40s. we're in the 50s. but 60s for some. it's sunny. overall, the wind now is starting to become the bigger factor as we're seeing gusts 33 at sfo and 25 in many other locations, all in advance of a very strong -- of a very strong system. some light rain will make it here but pretty good snow could call in the sigher raw nevada. don't take this system lightly
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-- sierra nevada. don't take this system light lie. they will probably measure this system in feet. the system is on its way. it's just beginning to move into the northern part of the state, stretching to kate mendocino, we have the sunshine. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. low 60s, around 60, 63, 64 degrees. and that's everybody. that's santa rosa, fairfield's 64. livermore is 63. mountain view is 62. west at 26, gusts, santa rosa northwest 10. it's only going to get stronger as our system works its way from the top of alaska all the way down eventually to southern california by friday. the highlights won't be much rain but it's going to be highs only in the 50s tomorrow. again, the wind tonight could be very blustery, maybe .5 but mid-50s and snow level if there
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is any moisture left over. it could be down to 2500 feet. a blustery day. it's sunny and nice but the wind is starting to pick up on the coast as well. point ray just lighthouse has gusts to 55 miles an hour. higher elevations, 30. it will be a cooler day compared to monday and tuesday even though we have the sunshine. that's it for any sunshine and warm weather tomorrow and friday, very cold. the giants' home opener should be cold and dry. critical lows, especially friday and saturday morning. >> is this unusual -- >> very unusual for april. >> this is going to be a very cold one for us. >> all right. thank you, steve. a deteriorating levee on the san joaquin river has prompted an investigation.
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rising water has risen 8 feet. the area is being closely monitored. the emergency declaration could help financially. the bay area's gearing up for mosquitoes and the spraying. mosquitoes can carry disease along with their annoying by the. authorities are reminding people to empty containers of standing water and to call victor control with any -- vector control with any concerns. and get ready for details to implode a local landmark.
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unemployment rates are falling in most metro areas are suggesting the recent gains are widespread and not limited to just a few healthy regions. oil is inching closer to $109 a barrel. nasdaq is up 30, nasdaq up -- dow is up 30, nasdaq 7, s&p up 2. officials say caltrain cuts would cut routes but would still preserve most of the rail's service. it would also close three stations, raise fares and hike
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parking fees. it couples up for -- it comes up for final approval tomorrow. we drill and then they set the charges within every hole here and to hold the charges in, we foam the end. it seals it. >> so each of these holes have a separate explosive a -- >> yes. >> ktvu got exclusive access inside the building where each of the struck's 1500 columns -- structural's columns are embedded with dynamite. this is due to take place on friday. we'll stream it live on k oakland police are reporting a 5% drop in violent -- violent crime in one of the city's toughest neighborhoods. that's the central area including downtown oakland and neighbors on either side of international boulevard. police say murders, assaults, robberies and burglaries are
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down since the beginning of the year. they are also advising people as the weather gets warmer, it's especially important to close and lock windows when you leave home. a south korean yacht club has been accepted as a challenger for the america's cup in 2013. team korea says they will be known as the white tiger challenge. it's the first time the country has entered the famous competition. the team leader hopes participation draws new people to the sport of sailing. we are now learning more about president obama's schedule for his visit set for the -- set to the bay area here. he will be in palo alto on april 20th. the rest of his visit will focus on fund-raising. that includes a dinner for $ 35,800 per person. a lower-dollar event will be at masonic auditorium in san francisco. coming up on the news at 5:00, the disaster in japan forced some carmakers to should
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down production of new vehicles. that and the rise in cost of gasoline has caused a new phenomenon. americans are clamoring for used high-fuel efficiency cars. find out the unusual tactic bay area car deal remembers using to meet that demand. that and more on the ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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